Color Carats Oval
  1. Natural Unheated Apatite neon blue paraiba like color 8.23 carats
  2. 5.60-Carat AIGS-Certified Unheated Bi-Color Sapphire from Umba, 12.01 x 8.59 mm
  3. Oval Tanzanite Stud Earrings 1 82 Carats With VIVID Color
  4. Blue Green Tourmaline Natural Gemstone Pretty Color 3.30 carat Oval Cut
  5. 7.9ctw DF Colorless Oval Cut Moissanite Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K Gold
  6. GIA Certified Oval Shape Natural Loose Diamond 0.70 Carat G Color VS1 Clarity
  7. 0.26 Carat Fancy Light Blue Loose Diamond Natural Color Certified Oval
  8. Loose Oval Diamonds Comparison 2 00 2 30 Carats E F G Color
  9. 1.52 Carat Fancy Brown Yellow Diamond VS2 GIA Loose Natural Color Certified Oval
  10. 2.09-Carat Rare Unheated VS-Clarity Color-Changing Sapphire (Certified by IGI)
  11. Natural Blue Sapphire Stone 3.01 carat eye clean Blue Color Great To Make Ring
  12. 5.60-Carat AIGS-Certified Unheated Bi-Color Sapphire from Umba
  13. Natural Blue Sapphire GemStone 3.08 carat Oval Cut Blue Color Great To Make Ring
  14. 2 75 Ct Oval Diamond Engagement Ring
  15. Top Quality Dark Purple Blue Color Pattern Natural Solid Black Opal 3.38 carat
  16. 6.73Carat 100%Natural GRS Certified Unheated Ruby Red Color From Tanzania
  17. Yellow Loose Diamond Oval Shape Natural Fancy Color 1.05 Carat VVS1
  18. 5.91-Carat Color-Change Star Sapphire from Sri Lanka, 9.84 x 9.18 x 6.91 mm
  19. 5.91-Carat Color-Change Star Sapphire from Sri Lanka
  20. 3 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring
  21. Amethyst 8 96 Carat Oval Cut
  22. Natural Unheated Ruby Purplish Red color oval shape 1.01 carats with GIA Report
  23. 5 Carat Oval Diamond E Color Ideal Cut Certified Natural 5ct Engagement Ring 12m 10159v
  24. Tsavorite Ring 2.13 carats Diamonds 0.22 ct 18K White Gold Green Color Gemstone
  25. Betteridge Collection 7 04 Carat Oval Cut Sapphire Diamond Ring
  26. Natural Pink Sapphire Vivid Pink Color Oval 1.63 carats with GIA Report No Heat
  27. 2.18-Carat Magical Color-Changing Sapphire from Madagascar (IGI-Certified)
  28. Tanzanite Oval 1 61 Carats
  29. Loose natural OVAL brilliant cut 1.00 carat D color SI1 With EGL Pre/cert
  30. 1.63-Carat Deep Green Alexandrite with Very Strong Color-Change (IGI-Certified)
  31. 1.63-Carat Deep Green Indian Alexandrite with Very Strong Color-Change Effect
  32. Blue Oval Shape Loose Real Diamond Deal! 1.52 Carat VS2 Color Enhanced For Ring
  33. Paraiba Tourmaline 1.32 carats Green color Oval shape with GIA Report
  34. 5.14 Carat Champagne Color Oval Shaped Real Diamond Loose Enhanced SI3 For Ring
  35. Natural Multi-Color Solid Black Boulder Opal Gem 5.39 carats Oval
  36. 3.56-Carat Rare GIA-Certified Bi-Color Sapphire from Pakistan, 13.15 x 7.32 mm
  37. 1 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring
  38. Natural Unheated Ruby 2.51 carats Vivid red color Oval shape GRS Reropt
  39. 3 27 Carat Oval Cut I Color Vs2 Clarity Diamond
  40. 3.25-Carat Rare GRS-Certified Alexandrite with 100% Color Change
  41. Chrome Tourmaline 3 98 Carat Oval
  42. Oval Cut 4 Carat D Color SI3 Excellent Enhanced Real Diamond For Engagement Ring
  43. Natural Ruby vivid Red color Oval shape 2.16 carats with GRS Report
  44. Natural Spinel 10.02 carats dark purplish Blue color Oval shape
  45. 1 80 Carat Oval Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  46. High Dome Cut Rolling Colour Pattern Quality Natural Solid Black Opal 4.78 carat
  47. Natural Unheated Padparadscha Sapphire Pink-orange color Oval shape 2.52 carats
  48. 3.56-Carat Rare GIA-Certified Bi-Color Sapphire from Pakistan
  49. Natural Padparadscha Sapphire Pastel orangy-pink color Oval shape 2.92 carats
  50. Natural Spinel 6.55 carats Purple color Oval shape very eye clean
  51. 8.66-Carat Deep Green Alexandrite Cat's Eye with Strong Color-Change (IGI)
  52. Natural Spinel 12.72 carats Blue color with GIA Report oval shape
  53. Fancy Vivid Orangy Pink Color Oval Natural Loose Diamonds 1.04ct Carat VVS1
  54. 16.86-Carat Unique Unheated Bi-Color Sapphire from Sri Lanka (GIA-Certified)
  55. Black Boulder Opal Multi color Oval shape 12.91 carats
  56. Natural Beryl Aquamarine Gem Paraiba like Color 20.48 carats oval cut
  57. Fancy Vivid Pink Red Color Oval Natural Loose Diamond 1.44 TCW Carat VVS1
  58. 10.26-Carat Rare Top-Grade Honey-Colour Eye-Clean Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye (IGI)
  59. 10.26-Carat Collector-Grade Eye-Clean Honey-Colour Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye (IGI)
  60. Natural Alexandrite color change oval shape 6.03 carats with GIA Report
  61. Black Boulder Opal Multi color Oval shape 2.29 carats
  62. 50.00 Carats 100% Natural Multi-Colored Sapphire Necklace 18k Yellow Gold
  63. 3.19-Carat Deep Green Alexandrite with Strong Color-Change (GRS-Certified)
  64. Natural Alexandrite Color Change 1.98 carat Tanzania GIA Report Perfect Color
  65. 1.51 Carat Weight Oval Shaped GIA Loose Diamond D Color SI1 Clarity #O10035
  66. Natural Unheated Ruby Red color oval shape 2.10 carats with GRS Report
  67. Rose Cut Natural Loose Diamond Oval Fancy Grey Color 3 11 Carat USA Seller
  68. Fancy Deep Orangy Pink Natural Color 1.00 ct carat Loose Diamond GIA
  69. Natural Alexandrite GemStone 4.47 carats Green Color Changing To Pinkish Purple
  70. 3.01 Carat GIA Certificate D Color VS2 Clarity Natural Loose Diamond #O10486
  71. Natural Unheated Ruby 3.10 carats Vivid red color Oval shape GRS Reropt